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Artistic and handcrafted ceramics, alimentary use

Clay exists as a continuity of our nourishing mother earth. It is a real pleasure to create simple, functional and reassuring forms and to use them without any danger, always with joy and respect for the material.

You’ll find here fine traditional ceramics from the Provence region (with their typically sunbathed colours), and also creative varnished clay for a pleasant everyday use and grey sandstones and fine ceramics with more precious enamels.

We also appreciate «Terra Sigilita», polished and smoked clay, a technique dating back to the Gallo-Roman era and the blank brutality of other potteries, wood fired, that seem to be real primitive sculptures.

Upon simple request during your visit of the gallery, Chantal would be pleased to give you more information about these different techniques.

Want to buy and receive at your paintings and ceramics that you like? Contact me for conditions.

assiettes, bol, plats en terre cuite


Technical ceramics baked in a gas oven to the plate (not turned)

Pascale Balaÿ - bleuÉcorceService à théVases


Raku and Terra Sigilita

Pernet 2Pernet 3Pernet 4Pernet 5Pernet 6

Nicole Pernet

Smoke-fired clay (Terra Sigilita)

Beltrando 1 Beltrando 2 Beltrando 2 Beltrando 2


Provençal Faience for alimentary use

Label Patrimoine Vivant

Pernot 1Pernot 3Pernot 2


Sandstone ceramics
Fine ceramic

Dominique B. Philippe D. Philippe D.

Glazed ceramics

Philippe D. Philippe D. Philippe D. Philippe D.

Philippe D.
Glazed ceramics

Sabine & Daniel

Sabine & Daniel
Terracotta// Wood-fired oven - Unique pieces

Santon de ChantalSanton traditionels

Traditional "Santons" (Christmas figures)
and Chantal's Santons



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