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Idka, peintreIdka has the talent of treating most different subjects ; crowds in the night, very elaborate characters, scenes of Paris, Honfleur or elsewhere with two notions that are very often opposed in other painter’s works ; power and sensitivity. This born expressionist knows,- when necessary-, to simplify the sensations that the visible world exposes constantly to her alert eye. Her range is of great generosity.

Rene Barotte

As a painter of a light that is both interiorized, vibrant, exploding and sovereign, the light dominates vigorous material, both rich, with a strong presence, bold in its mixtures and consistence. Her figurative expression is neither descriptive nor imitative, but inspired by a poetic impulse. Idka’s work offers to amateurs real large scale pictorial joys, an original and insisting flavor for all senses.

Robert Vrinat

Main Solo Exhibitions

Galerie Mouvances (2002 to 2005) - Galerie St Roch (1995 to 1999) - Galerie Art Mural (1988 to 1995)
Galerie Médicis (1978 to 1990) - Palais des Congres (1988) - Galerie Cardo-Matignon (1971 to 1973)
Regular exhibitions at the Grand Palais “Art en Capitale”.

Galerie des Ocres, Roussillon (since 1984), Galerie de l'Université, Lyon (permanent exhibition since 1997),
Galerie Garance, St Germain en Laye (1988 to 1997), Royal Gallery, Deauville (1997 to 1999), Arras, Barbizon, Rodez....

Nora Art Gallery, Jerusalem (1975 to 1977)
Exhibition at the White House during the Kennedy administration.

Main group exhibitions

Galerie La Malle des Indes - Metz (since 2004) - Maison du Patrimoine, Mesquer (since 2003)
Galerie St Sauver, Dinan (1992 to 1998) - Galerie Alternances, Hardelot (1996)
Galerie Le Chevalet, Marly-le-Roi (1984 to 1986) - Galerie Elysées Georges V, Paris (1979, 1980)
Galerie Morentin-Nouvion, Paris (1960 to 1965) - Galerie Romanet, Paris (1960)
Atelier GUILLET, Paris (1960 to 1970)

Galerie du Cygne, Canada (Montréal, 1990) - Kenneth Raymond Gallery, Florida (USA 1990) Tokyo (Japan (1972) - Galerie Felix Vercel, New York (USA, 1960)
Galerie Achard de Souza, New York (USA, 1965)


Salon du Dessin et de la Peinture de I'Eau - Salon de la Marine - Salon Comparaisons Salon Jeune Peinture - Salon d'Automne - Musée Galliera - Salon Nationale des Beaux-Arts, Salon des Indépendants - Salon Connaissance des Hommes, Fontainebleau
Invitée d'honneur Salon Arras - Salon Prestige, Vincennes


Académie Jullian, Parjs
Académie de la Grande Chaumière, Paris

Prices, Distinctions

International Neumann Price
Lauréat Prix Othon Friesz Maxime Juan Price 2011


Ville de Paris
US Embassy - Paris
Numerous collections in France and abroad.

Press Articles

Le Peintre - Sud-Ouest - Le Figaro Littéraire - Israel Nachrichten - L'Amateur d'Art Jerusalem Post - Arts-Midi Libre - Presse Nouvelle- Le Petit Bastiais - L'Aurore- Art et Poesie-Paris-Normandie - L'lnformateur Corse - Nouveaux Jours - Art Actualité Magazine - L'Univers des Arts

Ever since Bonnard’s work, the almond tree in bloom has been considered in painting as «the messenger of spring». Numerous artists have then chromatically illustrated this renaissance of nature by celebrating the bloom of fruit trees. Among all these talented artists a place has to be reserved for Idka who does not only celebrate nature, but also the blossoming landscapes, particularly those from the most contrasted Provence area...Showing the ocres landscapes of Roussillon and the landscape of the Alpilles with its florescent almond trees.

In her work, the hilltop villages of Gordes, Bonnieux, Ansouis and Cucuron represent perfect objects for an incomparable setting. Idka is driven by a strong instinct, which allows her to combine strong and fine-tuned elements, as if she was playing.

She has been celebrating the Provence region and exposing her work for many years at the «Galerie des Ocres» in Roussillon, her artwork invites art amateurs to connect the enchantment of this incomparable Provence region with their own inner vision : Idka’s painting associates the natural beauty of the painted settings with the force and sensitivity that everyone discovers within themselves when walking along the roads, valleys, hills and mountain regions of this exceptionally preserved region, that has been praised over the centuries by musicians, poets and different artists, all charmed by what Giono called «the angel’s path».
Idka has her place on this straight road, which has been preserved until now.

She does not only dedicate her work to the Provence region. As a great traveller, she’s been to New York, Venice, London, Prague, Island, Brazil, inspiring travels that initiated more artwork as the different paintings, pastels, and acrylic paintings show. Topics around the circus, still-lives or instrumentalists enlarge and fulfill the scope of her thematic researches.

«Noblesse oblige» : at the «Galerie des Ocres» in Roussillon, the Provence region will be guest of honor.

Bertrand Duplessis

Idka was a student of Pierre Jérôme (who received the Prix de Rome price) and went to the renown Academies de la Grande Chaumière et Jullian, she has been spotted both by art critics and amateurs. She regularly participates in important fairs (Automne, Indépendants, among others), and won the Neumann price in 1959 and the Othon Friesz price in 1960. She has also been holding numerous solo art exhibitions both in Paris, other regions of France and abroad : critics have been unanimous in their praise.

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