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Welcome to the Galerie des Ocres in Roussillon

The «Galerie des Ocres», paintings and ceramics art gallery, was established in 1984 by Chantal Courthaudon and is located in the higher part of the small village of Roussilon (Luberon).

You will be discovering here artworks from painters and ceramic artists, both contemporary and ancient : oil paintings, acrylic paintings, watercolours, engravings, ceramics, artistic and handcrafted ceramics, ceramics for alimentary use.

The artists presented by Chantal

Painters : Idka, Robert Laloue, Rolf Meyn, Doris Salomon, Guy Salomon, Monique Thieblemont, Lars Bo, Isabelle Bonebeau.
Ceramists : Sophie Meseguer, Nicole Pernet, Philippe Beltrando, Karine Pernot, Atelier Rigo, Sabine & Daniel, Dominique Bogino, Philippe Duriez. And "les santons de Chantal"!

Thank you for visiting our website, Chantal will be happy to welcome you on your next visit in the Lubéron and make you visit both floors, four rooms; one more interesting than the other.

Want to buy and receive at your paintings and ceramics that you like? Contact me for conditions.



Winter period, the gallery is now open by appointment. Call me: +334 90 05 62 99
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