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Paintings, Acrylic, Watercolours, Engravings

The encounter between Chantal and the painter is not to be understood as a ‘material’ experience, but could be considered as an emotional attraction, no matter if the subject is figurative or abstract, the pleasure of contemplating the artwork should prevail.

Ranging from Lalou, a Nabi painter who died in 1929 to Idka, an expressionist painter present in the best art galleries, Chantal also likes to represent other contemporary painters who aim to integrate in their work extensive research about colours and movements inspired by the Roussillon region, rich in colours and emotions.

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Marais Salants Mexicaines New-York PortraitIdka

Paintings / Expressionist

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TerrasseOmbre et lumierePaysagePaysageDoris Salomon

Unusual career path, encounter with the sculptor Guy Salomon who teaches her painting Biologist and chemist trained by the sculptor Guy Salomon


Thieblemont 21 Thieblemont 23 Thieblemont 19 Thieblemont 24MONIQUE THIEBLEMONT

Ecole des beaux arts de Lyon. Quelques concours réussis, qui lui ont permis d'exposer et vivement encouragée. Contrairement à une idée reçue, l'aquarelle permet toutes les audaces coloristes.


Meyne : Bateaux 41x33 cm Meyne : Chardons 48x31 cm Meyne : Les Pins 23x22 cmROLF MEYN

Watercolours - Engravings
Galerie des Ocres : Paintings, Acrylic paintings, Watercolours, Engravings


Laloue 9 Laloue 4 Laloue 11Robert Laloue

Original Watercolours

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Bo 1Bo 4Bo 3Lars Bo

Galerie des Ocres : Paintings, Acrylic paintings,
Watercolours, Engravings


Guy 1Guy 2Guy 3Guy Salomon

Living the dream of a creator




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